Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Male Gaze - Booty

Right from just seeing the title of the song, sexual content is implied, "Booty" of course being a popular slang word for the (usually female) rear end. The video opens with a countdown, which isn't really that relevant, but when we first see the shot of the two featured women, it doesn't open on their faces but instead a view from the waist down.

This is a brilliant example of the male gaze, because after all, this is how men would stereotypically view women in the media. No face is included in the shot, which backs up the idea that the male gaze denies women an identity, and objectifies them. She is clearly playing up to the concept of the male gaze, as she is showing her assets to the camera unashamedly. The way she is

Here we see one of the women looking back into the camera, using the 'sexual' look, the description of which is 'the dreamy, heavy-lidded, unsmiling big-head, or the overtly sensual or sexual' which pretty accurately sums up this picture. Once again this shows how the women in the video (Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea) are playing up to the concept of the gaze.

Here Lopez has an almost aggressive demeanour, this time her face is in shot, however it is obscured by her glasses, so she is still objectified to an extent.

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