Monday, 6 October 2014

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

- Is the film an original idea, a remake, a sequel or an adaptation (or a combination)? 

The film is an adaptation of "The Hobbit" the immensely successful, high-fantasy novel by J.R.R Tolkien.

- Who is the director?
Peter Jackson, the director of the successful Lord of the Rings adaptation trilogy.

- Which studio(s) are making the film?
New Line Cinema, Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer, WingNut Films.

- What size budget did it have?
$200-315 million

- Which 'stars' signed up to be in the film?
Ian McKelle, Elijah Wood and Orlando Bloom.

- How long did it take from 'green light' to filming commencing?
The hobbit was green lit around mid-October 2010, and filming began on March 21, 2011. So it took around 5 and a half months.

- Where was it 'filmed'?

It was primarily filmed on location in New Zealand, but for certain scenes sets and green screens were used.

- How was it filmed (3D, 2D, CGI)?
It was filmed at 48fps, the first wide release to do so, however when the film was released     the majority of the showings were in the converted, industry standard 24 fps. There was       also a lot of 

- Any problems it faced?
The New Zealand film workers held a strike mid-way through the production of the film to try and keep the film's production in New Zealand after the film's locations where set to change.
- Does it rely on special effects?

Throughout the movie there is repeated use of special effects, and a lot of the main plot points are reliant on CGI, for example the main antagonist is a dragon which obviously aren't real.

- What sort of special effects are used?
Mainly computer generated images (CGI), however some of the set features are probably special effects (physically there when filming) e.g. pyrotechnics or animatronic props.

- Was 3D added AFTER filming?
No, the whole film was recorded in 3D, the action sequences were recorded in HFR 3D, meaning high frame rate 3D.

- Did it require any RE SHOOTS
- How was the film marketed (find AT LEAST 5 different promotional tools)

Posters, trailers, premiers, web ads and promotional giveaway's (McDonalds toys, etc).

- Where was the films premier?
New Zealand (Nov 28, 2012).

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