Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Representation - Lester Burnham

Mise en Scene
Everything in shot looks very picturesque, or carefully arranged, apart from Lester's bed; clearly he is not a very tidy man himself, but the fact the house is so immaculately arranged shows he is not the master of the house. At first impression, before you see his wife and child, you would assume he was single. Due to the masturbation in the shower, and the fact he was alone in bed. The contrast between him and his wife is huge, her appearance matches that of the house, carefully kept in check to maintain a certain image. Whereas Lester's appearance is the opposite, quickly thrown together and haggard. This appearance gap is significant, as it applies to the relationship of the pair as well. When we first see Lester there is a shaft of light shining on to his bed, as if he was in prison with only a single window, which pretty accurately sums up how the clip portrays him. Trapped.

Camera Shots
The clip opens with an establishing shot of the neighborhood, which helps set the scene, knowing he Lester lives in a very generic sub-urban location, this is followed by a longshot and midshot of Lester. As a viewer I immediately got the impression that he was bored, or unhappy with his lifestyle. When he's in the shower, the use of a close up showing his facial expression reinforces a feeling of boredom or dissatisfaction. An arc shot follows which shows him masturbating, his posture doesn't suggest enjoyment though, just boredom again.

It's Lester's voice narrating throughout the clip, which is very monotonous and helps set the picture of a man who feels trapped and bored, the music in relation to his voice is very upbeat, and doesn't really match the pictures being shown on screen, but this helps put emphasis on just how monotonous his voice is.

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