Tuesday, 2 December 2014

“Successful media products depend as much upon marketing and distribution to a specific audience as they do upon good production practices”

Successful Media Products Depend as Much Upon Marketing and Distribution to a Specific Audience as They Do...

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  1. George, in your opening points about The Avengers try and add some key facts, how was every previous Marvel film an advert for the Avengers? Also include facts, how much did the film gross, what was its budget, where does the Marvel franchise rank in terms of all time box office? Placing these facts in a second paragraph is incorrect, these points MUST be with your line of argument, also the film boasted some huge stars so list them (this will also offer you the opportunity to debate whether the fame of the actor or character is more important).

    For your points on TGBH try and be more focussed. All films have different target audience, this in turn impacts the size of the budget allocated to the film. There is still money to be made from smaller films provided your target audience responds to your marketing and districution policy.

    Make use of the YouGov profiler to build up a picture of who watches the films you mention, this will in turn enable you to develop your argument.

    Your section on Dredd requires much more detail, provide the stats for the amount and type of screens the film was available on, likewise discuss the per screen box office for TGBH, it set records so clearly indicates a successful distribution strategy.

    If mentioning online streaming then again you MUST focus on the type of people who access these facilities and how institutions use them to target their audience.

    There are many marketing strategies used by both TGBH and the Avengers that you fail to mention, you must offer specific examples in your response in order to access the B-A grades.

    There is a lot to work on in order to bring this up to a standard which reflects all you have been taught.